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The Strategy: M5Charts - This is designated for High/Low, Touch, Range, & Digital Trade.


This section is here to help you to get familiar with the strategy. Before we continue you should have a basic understanding of what binary options are. Information about the market is listed throughout the website. Please reference to Home Page for complete and detailed explanation. Information on the home page explains and summarizes what binary options are.


The strategy we're going to focus on is using M5 Charts. M5 Charts are live asset real-time graphs available HERE. Because binary options similar trading futures and trades are as often as every 15 minutes, you don't have to study the market for days to know the direction of where it's heading. This strategy is very effective for short term market trades.

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This is a candle stick chart.  Every 5 minutes an indication is made showing progress of the currency pair, in this case GBP/AUD & others. The live graphs are available here on our website for your use. To successfully trade first you need to know what trends to focus on.


1. Upside Trend



Recommended for: High/Low trade, Digital trade, Touch trade

To recognize trends, use the real-time graphs available HERE

The upside trend is a pattern on M5 Charts showing indications that an asset rising gradually. To spot the upside trend you need to focus on a couple of key details. Detail #1; the price of currency pair or the asset has to be at a significantly higher point than it originated. You can see in above the currency pair is on a gradual incline, originally starting at about 1.4725 and rising to 1.4783. Difference is 0.0058 pips. This is the first detail you must look for. Detail #2; the candlestick chart at time of trade is green. In the chart above to the right you'll notice the candlesticks are green. It signifies currency pair price is on the rise. Detail #3; Draw a line thru the graph to confirm the rise.

Based on those details & using M5 Charts you can see the asset is in the upward trend. Having done this research you now know the direction it's headed. You can make a High/Low or a Digital trade, selecting the High or Put as your option. You can reference this pattern to do a Touch / No Touch trade. Because the trades are as often as every 15 minutes, that's what makes M5 Charts strategy successful for short term trades.


2.  Downside Trend

Recommended for: High/Low trade, Digital trade, Touch trade

To recognize trends, use the real-time graphs available HERE

The downside trend is almost the same as upside trend, the only difference is that it's downside. Upside & downside trends are very helpful when it comes to High/Low, Digital, & Touch trades. The example we're going to look at is EUR/CAD currency pair. Trades are as often as every 15 minutes, in some cases 60 seconds. To pinpoint the downside trend focus look for the following details.  Detail #1. The price of the asset has dropped significantly lower then it originated. In this case it started 1.3526 and dropped to 1.3404. Difference is 0.0122 pips. You can see this asset is in a decline. Detail #2; the candlestick at the time of the trade is red. Red signifies the price drop in action. Detail #3; Draw a line thru the graph to confirm the trend.

Having analyzed those details this would be a downside trend. Once again, downside trend is helpful in High/Low trades, Digital trades & beneficial in Touch trades. In this case you can make a trade on Low or Put. Just be sure to take everything into account when making the trade. The type of trend, the candlestick color at the last 5 minute interval confirming the trend. Make sure you're comfortable with the trade, if you're not sure I suggest trying one you're more sure about.

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3. Neutral Trend

Recommended for: Range trade

To recognize trends, use the real-time graphs available HERE

Neutral trend is beneficial for Range trades. To spot a neutral trend is straight forward. The asset we're going to look at is GBP/CHF currency pair. To pinpoint the trend focus on the following details. Detail #1; the price of the currency pair at initial point is not significantly higher nor lower at the point of the trade. GBP/CHF started out at 1.4128 and ended at 1.4137. Difference is 0.0009 pips. Detail #2; The price stayed about average throughout the time. Detail #3; draw a line to confirm the trend.

With these steps you can pinpoint the neutral trend. This type of trend is not recommended for High/Low and Digital trades. It's not recommended for Touch trades either. It's best to skip and not trade with neutral trend charts, but should you trade then focus on Range trade. You can draw out the range, see example below.


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